Report Inappropriate Content

The CafeMom Team strives to keep CafeMom free of inappropriate content. Here are some forms of content that should be reported:

  • Unsolicited advertising (in journal posts, messages, photos). Advertising is permitted on profile pages.
  • Slurs aimed at race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Extremely graphic pictures, videos or text.

Make sure you understand the member and/or the post/message: Please take a moment to make sure that you have understood the intention of the member. Misunderstandings sometimes can make something appear to be inappropriate that might not be at all.

Know the Guidelines: Please review the CafeMom Community Guidelines before reporting any content. The expression of diverse opinions is an important part of CafeMom, so please make sure to only report content that breaks the CafeMom Guidelines.

Block a troublemaker: Sometimes the best thing to do is block the member you are having trouble with. You can block any member of CafeMom from viewing your profile page or commenting on any of your items. The blocking only works outside of groups, but that's usually enough to stop whatever is going on. Click here to block someone from your profile.