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Here are the most popular names of kids born in the last 6 months to CafeMom members. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites. Also check out the most popular CafeMom baby names by year and the most popular kids' names on CafeMom overall.

Rank Name Meaning
26 Anton
German: German form of Anthony; Spanish: Spanish for…
27 August
28 Jace
Unknown/Other: Healer
29 Michael
Hebrew: Gift from God
30 Lincoln
English: Lakeside colony. The name of an early Roman…
31 Chance
English: Chancellor; French: Fortune, a gamble. Vari…
32 Oliver
English: The olive tree. The biblical olive tree sym…
33 Joseph
Hebrew: May Jah give increase. In the Bible, Joseph,…
34 Gabriel
Hebrew: God's able-bodied one. Biblical Archangel Ga…
35 Redford
English: From the reedy ford. Old English surname.
36 Aaron
Hebrew: High mountain. Lofty or inspired. In the bib…
37 Spencer
English: Keeper of provisions
38 Darius
Persian: Wealthy, protector
39 Theo
40 Cohen
German: Brave
41 Shamir
42 Lebron
43 Rory
Irish: Red. Sixteenth-century rebel chief Rory O'Mor…
44 Jude
Hebrew: Praised
45 Jason
Greek: The Lord is salvation; Hebrew: The Lord is salvation
46 Julian
Spanish: Youth; French: Youthful; English: Jove's ch…
47 Skyler
English: Phonetic spelling of Schuyler
48 Elijah
Hebrew: Jehovah is God
49 Skyler
English: Phonetic spelling of Schuyler
50 Jude
Hebrew: Praised

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