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Here are the most popular names of kids born in the last 6 months to CafeMom members. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites. Also check out the most popular CafeMom baby names by year and the most popular kids' names on CafeMom overall.

Rank Name Meaning
51 Daelan
English: Rhyming variant of Waylon, a historical bla…
52 Damian
Spanish: Tame; Greek: Tame
53 Asher
Hebrew: Happy, happiness. In the Bible Jacob's eight…
54 Jeremy
Hebrew: Exalted of the Lord; English: Variant of Jer…
55 Noah
Hebrew: Comfort
56 Silvino
Spanish: Variant of Sylvanus referring to the mythol…
57 Colin
Scottish: Victory of the people; English: Abbreviati…
58 Henry
French: Rules the home; German: Rules his household.…
59 Evan
Celtic: Young fighter; Scottish: Right handed
60 Lukas
English: Bringer of light. Variant of Lucas.
61 Lucas
English: Form of Luke. Light, illumination.
62 Wyatt
French: Guide; English: Guide
63 Eric
English: Brave ruler
64 Greyson
English: Son of the reeve, gray-haired, son of Grego…
65 Micah
Hebrew: Who is like Jah. Prophet and writer of the b…
66 Peter
English: A rock. Peter the biblical fisherman and ap…
67 Grayson
English: Son of the reeve, gray-haired, son of Grego…
68 Luke
Greek: From Lucanus
69 Mat
70 Malachi
Hebrew: Messenger of God
71 Cody
Irish: Helpful; English: A cushion, helpful
72 Ashton
English: From the ash tree farm
73 Karter
74 Jacoby
75 Alexander
Greek: Protector of mankind

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