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Here are the most popular names of kids born in the last 6 months to CafeMom members. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites. Also check out the most popular CafeMom baby names by year and the most popular kids' names on CafeMom overall.

Rank Name Meaning
1 Anika
Hebrew: Grace
2 Sophia
Greek: Wisdom
3 Elena
Spanish: Shining light. Variant of Helen.
4 Madelyn
Greek: Variant of Madeline (woman from Magdala)
5 Johanna
German: German form of Joanna; Hebrew: Gift from God
6 Raegan
Irish: Spiritual strength
7 Lindsay
Scottish: A lake: a place of linden trees.; English:…
8 Mckenzie
Scottish: The fair one
9 Leila
Irish: Name of a saint; Arabic: Born at night
10 Bailey
English: Courtyard within castle walls: steward or p…
11 Brooklyn
English: Water, stream
12 Lucy
English: Light, illumination
13 Mallori
14 Jenna
English: Modern variant of Jenny and Jennifer
15 Ivy
English: Ivy
16 Julia
French: Youthful
17 Ingrid
English: Meadow
18 Anneliese
Hebrew: Grace or devoted to God
19 Jordyn
Hebrew: Descended
20 Allie
Arabic: Lion of God, greatest
21 Amara
German: Eternal; Spanish: Imperishable
22 Adrianna
French: From the Adriatic sea region, dark
23 Lydia
Greek: Beauty
24 Charlotte
English: Manly; French: Tiny, feminine, manly
25 Emma
English: Whole, complete; German: Whole, complete, universal

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