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Most Popular Baby Names on CafeMom: 1990 Babies

Here are the most popular names of CafeMom members' kids born in 1990. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
51 Zachary
Hebrew: Remembered by God; English: Variant of Zacha…
52 William
German: Resolute protector, will. For a long time af…
53 Shane
Hebrew: Gift from God; Irish: Variant of Shaun (from John)
54 Jason
Greek: The Lord is salvation; Hebrew: The Lord is salvation
55 Ben
English: Abbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict; Hebr…
56 Mark
Arthurian Legend: Tristan's uncIe; English: Of Mars,…
57 Bryan
English: Popular variant of Brian; Celtic: Strong; A…
58 Scott
Scottish: Wanderer; English: From Scotland. A Gael. Surname.
59 Austin
English: Variant of Augustine; French: Variant of Augustine
60 Billy
English: Nickname for William (resolute protector) o…
61 Blake
English: Black or white; Scottish: Dark, dark-haired…
62 Drew
Anglo-Saxon: Wise; English: Abbreviation of Andrew (manly)
63 Shawn
English: From the shady grove; Irish: Variant of Joh…
64 Tim
English: Variant of Timothy (one who honors God)
65 Timothy
English: One who honors God. The biblical Timothy wa…
66 Taylor
English: Tailor. Surname.; French: A tailor
67 Jared
Hebrew: Descending. A pre-flood biblical name.
68 Cory
English: Hill, hollow; Irish: From the round hill; S…
69 Andy
French: Manly, brave. Variant of English Andrew.
70 Trevor
Irish: Prudent; Celtic: Wise
71 Christian
English: Follower of Christ; Irish: Servant of Christ
72 Paul
English: Little. Biblical apostle and evangelist Pau…
73 Caleb
Hebrew: Bold
74 Bobby
English: Abbreviation of Robert
75 Richard
German: Powerful, strong ruler. A Teutonic name from…

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