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Most Popular Baby Names on CafeMom: 1996 Babies

Here are the most popular names of CafeMom members' kids born in 1996. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
1 Austin
English: Variant of Augustine; French: Variant of Augustine
2 Tyler
English: Tile layer or a variant of Taylor. An Engli…
3 Jacob
Hebrew: Supplanter
4 Brandon
English: From the beacon hill
5 Michael
Hebrew: Gift from God
6 Alex
English: Abbreviation of Alexander. Defender of man.
7 Justin
Irish: Judicous; English: Just, upright, righteous. …
8 Matthew
Hebrew: Gift of Jehovah. In the Bible, Mathew was on…
9 Cody
Irish: Helpful; English: A cushion, helpful
10 Ryan
Irish: Kingly
11 Anthony
English: Highly praiseworthy. Mark Antony: (83-30 BC…
12 Andrew
English: Manly, brave. In the Bible the first of the…
13 Joshua
Hebrew: God is salvation
14 Christopher
Unknown/Other: One who holds Christ in his heart
15 Kyle
Irish: A place name referring to the narrows, a wood…
16 Jordan
Hebrew: Flowing down
17 Dylan
Welsh: Man from the sea
18 David
Hebrew: Dearly loved
19 Christian
English: Follower of Christ; Irish: Servant of Christ
20 Chris
English: Abbreviation of Christopher and Christian
21 James
Hebrew: Supplanter; English: Replace
22 Daniel
Hebrew: God is my Judge. The biblical prophet and wr…
23 Zachary
Hebrew: Remembered by God; English: Variant of Zacha…
24 Nicholas
Unknown/Other: Variant of Nikolas
25 Josh
Hebrew: Abbreviation of Joshua (Jehovah is salvation)

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