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Most Popular Baby Names on CafeMom: 1998 Babies

Here are the most popular names of CafeMom members' kids born in 1998. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
26 David
Hebrew: Dearly loved
27 Logan
Scottish: Finnian's servant
28 Nathan
Hebrew: Gift from God
29 Cameron
Celtic: Crooked nose. Nickname of a Highland chiefta…
30 Aaron
Hebrew: High mountain. Lofty or inspired. In the bib…
31 James
Hebrew: Supplanter; English: Replace
32 Dakota
Native American: Friend, ally. Tribal name.
33 Ethan
Hebrew: Strong
34 Chris
English: Abbreviation of Christopher and Christian
35 Jake
English: Abbreviation of Jacob; Hebrew: Supplanter
36 Jonathan
Hebrew: Gift from God
37 Nick
English: Abbreviation of Nicholas. Mythological Nike…
38 John
Hebrew: Jehovah has been gracious, has shown favor. …
39 Devin
Celtic: Poet; French: Divine, perfect
40 Isaiah
Hebrew: God's helper
41 Robert
Scottish: Famed, bright, shining. 14th-century King …
42 Jason
Greek: The Lord is salvation; Hebrew: The Lord is salvation
43 Joey
English: Abbreviation of Joseph.
44 Josh
Hebrew: Abbreviation of Joshua (Jehovah is salvation)
45 William
German: Resolute protector, will. For a long time af…
46 Elijah
Hebrew: Jehovah is God
47 Alexander
Greek: Protector of mankind
48 Zach
English: Variant of Zachariah and Zachary.
49 Connor
Irish: Strong willed or wise. Hound-lover.
50 Sean
Irish: Gift from God. Form of John from the French Jean.

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