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Most Popular Baby Names on CafeMom: 2001 Babies

Here are the most popular names of CafeMom members' kids born in 2001. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
51 Ian
Scottish: Gift from God. Form of John.; Hebrew: Gift…
52 Sean
Irish: Gift from God. Form of John from the French Jean.
53 Chase
English: Huntsman
54 Evan
Celtic: Young fighter; Scottish: Right handed
55 Robert
Scottish: Famed, bright, shining. 14th-century King …
56 Thomas
Hebrew: Twin
57 Adam
Hebrew: From the red earth. In the biblical Genesis …
58 Jack
English: God has been gracious, has shown favor. Bas…
59 Josh
Hebrew: Abbreviation of Joshua (Jehovah is salvation)
60 Steven
English: Variant of Stephen. Crown, wreath.
61 Kaleb
Hebrew: Bold and faithful
62 Bryce
Scottish: Speckled. Surname form of Brice.; Anglo-Sa…
63 Jared
Hebrew: Descending. A pre-flood biblical name.
64 Eric
English: Brave ruler
65 Chris
English: Abbreviation of Christopher and Christian
66 Luke
Greek: From Lucanus
67 Tristan
French: Tumult, outcry. From the Celtic name Tristan…
68 Dominic
Latin: Belonging to the Lord.
69 Trevor
Irish: Prudent; Celtic: Wise
70 Dalton
English: From the farm in the dale
71 Kevin
Celtic: Gentle; Irish: Handsome child. Name of a fam…
72 Jackson
English: Son of Jack; Scottish: God has been graciou…
73 Aidan
Irish: Fiery; Anglo-Saxon: Name of a saint; Celtic: …
74 Benjamin
Hebrew: Son of the right hand. In the Bible the patr…
75 Ben
English: Abbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict; Hebr…

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