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Most Popular Baby Names of the 1980s

Here are the most popular names of the 1980s. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
26 Timothy
English: One who honors God. The biblical Timothy wa…
27 Richard
German: Powerful, strong ruler. A Teutonic name from…
28 Jeremy
Hebrew: Exalted of the Lord; English: Variant of Jer…
29 Jeffrey
English: Peaceful. Variant of Geoffrey. The three-sy…
30 Kyle
Irish: A place name referring to the narrows, a wood…
31 Benjamin
Hebrew: Son of the right hand. In the Bible the patr…
32 Aaron
Hebrew: High mountain. Lofty or inspired. In the bib…
33 Charles
German: A man. French variant of Carl adopted by the…
34 Mark
Arthurian Legend: Tristan's uncIe; English: Of Mars,…
35 Jacob
Hebrew: Supplanter
36 Stephen
English: Crown, wreath. In the Bible Stephen was the…
37 Patrick
Irish: Patrician, noble. Romans society was divided …
38 Scott
Scottish: Wanderer; English: From Scotland. A Gael. Surname.
39 Nathan
Hebrew: Gift from God
40 Paul
English: Little. Biblical apostle and evangelist Pau…
41 Sean
Irish: Gift from God. Form of John from the French Jean.
42 Travis
English: Crossing, crossroads; French: Crossing, crossroads
43 Zachary
Hebrew: Remembered by God; English: Variant of Zacha…
44 Dustin
English: A fighter
45 Gregory
English: On the watch. As the first of 16 Gregory po…
46 Kenneth
English: Royal obligation. Good-looking. Fair.; Celt…
47 Jose
Spanish: May God give increase
48 Tyler
English: Tile layer or a variant of Taylor. An Engli…
49 Jesse
Hebrew: Wealthy; English: Jehovah exists. In the Bib…
50 Alexander
Greek: Protector of mankind

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