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Most Popular Baby Names of the 2000s

Here are the most popular names of the 2000s. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

Other Decades:
Rank Name Meaning
76 Cole
English: From the dark town. Abbreviation of Nichola…
77 Diego
Spanish: Supplanter
78 Jeremiah
Hebrew: Exalted of the Lord
79 Steven
English: Variant of Stephen. Crown, wreath.
80 Sebastian
81 Xavier
Arabic: Bright, splendid. See also Javier.; Spanish:…
82 Timothy
English: One who honors God. The biblical Timothy wa…
83 Carter
English: Drives a cart
84 Wyatt
French: Guide; English: Guide
85 Brayden
English: Broad hillside; Irish: Broad hillside
86 Blake
English: Black or white; Scottish: Dark, dark-haired…
87 Hayden
English: From the hedged in valley
88 Devin
Celtic: Poet; French: Divine, perfect
89 Cody
Irish: Helpful; English: A cushion, helpful
90 Richard
German: Powerful, strong ruler. A Teutonic name from…
91 Seth
Hebrew: Anointed
92 Dominic
Latin: Belonging to the Lord.
93 Jaden
Hebrew: Jehovah has heard. A biblical name.
94 Antonio
Spanish: Spanish form of Anthony (beyond praise)
95 Miguel
Spanish: Spanish form of Michael (God like)
96 Liam
Irish: Form of William
97 Patrick
Irish: Patrician, noble. Romans society was divided …
98 Carson
Scottish: Surname; English: Son of Carr
99 Jesse
Hebrew: Wealthy; English: Jehovah exists. In the Bib…
100 Tristan
French: Tumult, outcry. From the Celtic name Tristan…

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