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Most Popular Baby Names in Georgia (2009)

Here are the current most popular names in Georgia. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
26 Brianna
Irish: Strong; Celtic: Strong, she ascends; English:…
27 Samantha
Hebrew: Name of God
28 Mia
Latin: Mine
29 Trinity
Unknown/Other: A union of three in one: the Father, …
30 Lauren
French: Variant of Laurel; English: The laurel tree …
31 London
English: Place name
32 Gabrielle
Hebrew: God gives strength; French: God's able-bodie…
33 Savannah
Spanish: From the open plain
34 Destiny
English: Certain fortune, fate, the mythological Gre…
35 Avery
French: Rules with elf-wisdom; Anglo-Saxon: Rules th…
36 Kayla
English: Variants of Kay. Keeper of the keys, pure.
37 Peyton
Scottish: Royal; Irish: Patrician, noble. Form of Pa…
38 Jada
Arabic: Goodness
39 Sydney
English: From St. Denis; French: Follower of Saint Denys
40 Caroline
French: Song of happiness; Scottish: Manly; English:…
41 Mary
Hebrew: Bitter; English: Bitter. Variant of Miriam. …
42 Morgan
Arthurian Legend: Enchantress. Half sister of Arthur…
43 Nevaeh
Unknown/Other: Heaven spelled backwards
44 Riley
Irish: Island meadow. Variant of Ryley. Surname.
45 Amelia
English: Industrious, striving
46 Jasmine
Unknown/Other: Flower
47 Brooklyn
English: Water, stream
48 Hailey
English: Field of hay
49 Aubrey
English: Rules with elf-wisdom; French: Rules with e…
50 Layla

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