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Most Popular Baby Names in Montana (2009)

Here are the current most popular names in Montana. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
51 Lucas
English: Form of Luke. Light, illumination.
52 Luke
Greek: From Lucanus
53 Anthony
English: Highly praiseworthy. Mark Antony: (83-30 BC…
54 Levi
Hebrew: Joined. Third of Jacob's 12 sons. Became fat…
55 Nathan
Hebrew: Gift from God
56 Tanner
English: Worker in leather
57 Thomas
Hebrew: Twin
58 Bridger
English: Lives at tbe bridge
59 Brody
Irish: From the muddy place. Surname.; Scottish: Ref…
60 Jaxon
English: God has been gracious, has shown favor. Bas…
61 Parker
English: Keeper of the forest, forest ranger.
62 Ryder
English: Knight
63 Tucker
English: Tucker of doth
64 Aaron
Hebrew: High mountain. Lofty or inspired. In the bib…
65 Bryce
Scottish: Speckled. Surname form of Brice.; Anglo-Sa…
66 Charles
German: A man. French variant of Carl adopted by the…
67 Christian
English: Follower of Christ; Irish: Servant of Christ
68 Christopher
Unknown/Other: One who holds Christ in his heart
69 Conner
Irish: Hound-lover
70 Nicholas
Unknown/Other: Variant of Nikolas
71 Dylan
Welsh: Man from the sea
72 Kaden
Arabic: Companion; German: German surname, which is …
73 Max
Latin: Greatest
74 Robert
Scottish: Famed, bright, shining. 14th-century King …
75 Gage
French: A pledge, a pawn

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