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Most Popular Baby Names in North Carolina (2009)

Here are the current most popular names in North Carolina. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
51 Kevin
Celtic: Gentle; Irish: Handsome child. Name of a fam…
52 Liam
Irish: Form of William
53 Zachary
Hebrew: Remembered by God; English: Variant of Zacha…
54 Robert
Scottish: Famed, bright, shining. 14th-century King …
55 Chase
English: Huntsman
56 Thomas
Hebrew: Twin
57 Jose
Spanish: May God give increase
58 Josiah
Hebrew: Jehovah has healed. Biblical Josiah became k…
59 Owen
Celtic: Young fighter
60 Wyatt
French: Guide; English: Guide
61 Isaac
Hebrew: Laughter. In the Bible the only son of Abrah…
62 Angel
Spanish: Angel
63 Aaron
Hebrew: High mountain. Lofty or inspired. In the bib…
64 Ayden
Irish: Fiery. Alternate spelling of Aiden.
65 Carson
Scottish: Surname; English: Son of Carr
66 Jack
English: God has been gracious, has shown favor. Bas…
67 Jason
Greek: The Lord is salvation; Hebrew: The Lord is salvation
68 Bryson
Scottish: Variant of Bryce
69 Xavier
Arabic: Bright, splendid. See also Javier.; Spanish:…
70 Levi
Hebrew: Joined. Third of Jacob's 12 sons. Became fat…
71 Luis
German: Famous fighter; Spanish: Form of Louis
72 Henry
French: Rules the home; German: Rules his household.…
73 Eli
Hebrew: Ascended or my God. The biblical high priest…
74 Ian
Scottish: Gift from God. Form of John.; Hebrew: Gift…
75 Nathaniel
Hebrew: God has given. One of the 12 biblical apostles.

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