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Most Popular Baby Names of 1882

Here are the most popular names of 1882. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
1 Mary
Hebrew: Bitter; English: Bitter. Variant of Miriam. …
2 Anna
Arthurian Legend: Arthur's sister; Native American: …
3 Emma
English: Whole, complete; German: Whole, complete, universal
4 Elizabeth
English: Bountiful, God of plenty; Hebrew: Bountiful…
5 Minnie
French: Form of Williamina
6 Margaret
Irish: Name of a saint; Arabic: Child of light, pear…
7 Ida
Irish: Thirsty; German: Active; English: Diligent. A…
8 Alice
English: Of the nobility; German: Sweet; Celtic: Noble
9 Bertha
German: Intelligent: Bright.
10 Annie
Hebrew: Prayer
11 Clara
French: Bright
12 Sarah
Hebrew: Princess
13 Florence
English: Flowering
14 Martha
Hebrew: Bitter
15 Ella
French: Medieval given name meaning all; English: Ab…
16 Grace
English: Grace
17 Laura
English: The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic …
18 Bessie
English: Diminutive of Elizabeth.
19 Nellie
English: Abbreviation of Eleanor. Shining light.
20 Maude
Irish: Strong battle maiden; French: Strong in war
21 Cora
Scottish: Seething pool; English: Maiden
22 Carrie
English: Manly
23 Mabel
24 Ethel
English: Noble; German: Noble; Hebrew: Noble
25 Mattie
French: Strong in war

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