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Most Popular Baby Names of 1883

Here are the most popular names of 1883. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
26 Joe
English: Abbreviation of Joseph.
27 Oscar
English: God's spear.; Celtic: Jumping fighter
28 Jesse
Hebrew: Wealthy; English: Jehovah exists. In the Bib…
29 Will
English: Diminutive of William (resolute protector), will
30 Roy
Scottish: Red; French: Regal; Celtic: Red haired
31 Benjamin
Hebrew: Son of the right hand. In the Bible the patr…
32 Carl
English: A man; German: Variant of Charles. A man.
33 Sam
English: Shortened form of Samuel
34 Willie
English: Resolute, will. Abbreviation of names begin…
35 Alfred
Anglo-Saxon: Name of a king; English: Sage
36 Peter
English: A rock. Peter the biblical fisherman and ap…
37 Frederick
German: Peaceful ruler
38 Lewis
English: Renowned fighter. Form of Louis.
39 Howard
English: Chief guardian
40 Elmer
Anglo-Saxon: Noble; English: Lives at the elm tree m…
41 Herbert
German: Illustrious warrior.; French: Illustrious warrior.
42 Earl
Anglo-Saxon: Chief; English: Nobleman. Name based on…
43 Lee
Irish: Poetic; Celtic: Healer; English: Shelter. Sur…
44 Tom
English: Derives from Thomas (twin)
45 Ralph
English: Red wolf
46 Martin
Spanish: Warring; English: Warrior of Mars
47 Herman
German: Soldier
48 Paul
English: Little. Biblical apostle and evangelist Pau…
49 Jacob
Hebrew: Supplanter
50 Clyde
Scottish: Refers to the Scottish Clyde river.

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