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Most Popular Baby Names of 1920

Here are the most popular names of 1920. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
76 Alvin
English: Wise friend; German: Noble friend
77 Cecil
78 Martin
Spanish: Warring; English: Warrior of Mars
79 Jesse
Hebrew: Wealthy; English: Jehovah exists. In the Bib…
80 Glenn
Celtic: From the valley
81 Victor
Spanish: Victor
82 Lee
Irish: Poetic; Celtic: Healer; English: Shelter. Sur…
83 Benjamin
Hebrew: Son of the right hand. In the Bible the patr…
84 Sam
English: Shortened form of Samuel
85 Gordon
English: From the three cornered hill. From the mars…
86 Wayne
English: Craftsman
87 Harvey
Celtic: Eager for battle; English: Bitter, eager for…
88 Willard
German: Bold, resolute; English: Resolute or brave
89 Edgar
Anglo-Saxon: Lucky spearman; English: Fortunate and powerful
90 Oscar
English: God's spear.; Celtic: Jumping fighter
91 Arnold
English: The eagle rules; German: The eagle rules
92 Claude
English: Lame
93 Wallace
German: A Welshman; English: From Wales; Scottish: W…
94 Allen
Celtic: Handsome
95 Everett
English: Hardy: brave. Variant of Everard.
96 Stephen
English: Crown, wreath. In the Bible Stephen was the…
97 Gilbert
German: Bright lad; English: Trusted; French: Bright lad
98 Wilbur
German: Resolute or brilliant; Anglo-Saxon: Dearly l…
99 Johnnie
French: Variant of the Hebrew John (Jehovah has been…
101 Maurice
English: Dark skinned. A Moor.; French: Dark skinned…

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