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Most Popular Baby Names of 1933

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Rank Name Meaning
26 Bobby
English: Abbreviation of Robert
27 Joe
English: Abbreviation of Joseph.
28 Carl
English: A man; German: Variant of Charles. A man.
29 Ralph
English: Red wolf
30 Albert
English: Noble, bright. Prince Albert was Queen Vict…
31 Jerry
English: Abbreviation of names beginning with Jer- S…
32 Willie
English: Resolute, will. Abbreviation of names begin…
33 Franklin
English: Free man, landholder
34 Fred
German: Variant of Frederick (peaceful ruler)
35 Harry
English: Army man
36 Howard
English: Chief guardian
37 Norman
French: From the north; German: Man of the north. Su…
38 Lawrence
English: A modern English form of Laurence and the p…
39 Roy
Scottish: Red; French: Regal; Celtic: Red haired
40 Louis
English: Form of Lawrence; German: Famous fighter; F…
41 Earl
Anglo-Saxon: Chief; English: Nobleman. Name based on…
42 Daniel
Hebrew: God is my Judge. The biblical prophet and wr…
43 Clarence
44 Marvin
English: Form of Mervin; Celtic: Lives by the sea
45 Francis
46 Anthony
English: Highly praiseworthy. Mark Antony: (83-30 BC…
47 Leonard
French: Lion, bold; German: Lion, bold
48 Roger
German: Renowned spearman; English: Renowned spearman
49 Herbert
German: Illustrious warrior.; French: Illustrious warrior.
50 Ernest
English: Serious, determined; German: Serious, determined

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