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Most Popular Baby Names of 1953

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Rank Name Meaning
76 Phillip
English: Fond of horses. One of the biblical 12 apostles.
77 Howard
English: Chief guardian
78 Louis
English: Form of Lawrence; German: Famous fighter; F…
79 Ronnie
English: Rules with counsel. Form of Ronald from Reynold.
80 Frederick
German: Peaceful ruler
81 Allen
Celtic: Handsome
82 Martin
Spanish: Warring; English: Warrior of Mars
83 Harry
English: Army man
84 Steve
English: Abbreviation of Steven and Stephen often us…
85 Leonard
French: Lion, bold; German: Lion, bold
86 Curtis
French: Courteous; English: Courteous
87 Ernest
English: Serious, determined; German: Serious, determined
88 Micheal
Scottish: Form of Michael (who is like God); Irish: …
89 Eric
English: Brave ruler
90 Francis
91 Melvin
Irish: Chief; Celtic: Leader; English: Strong friend
92 Fred
German: Variant of Frederick (peaceful ruler)
93 Lee
Irish: Poetic; Celtic: Healer; English: Shelter. Sur…
94 Marvin
English: Form of Mervin; Celtic: Lives by the sea
95 Tommy
English: Derives from Thomas (twin)
96 Earl
Anglo-Saxon: Chief; English: Nobleman. Name based on…
97 Eddie
English: Abbreviation of names beginning with Ed- li…
98 Norman
French: From the north; German: Man of the north. Su…
99 Jay
English: Variant of names like Jason and Jacob; Germ…
100 Rick
English: Abbreviation of Richard. Powerful, strong ruler.

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