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Most Popular Baby Names of 1961

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Rank Name Meaning
26 Christopher
Unknown/Other: One who holds Christ in his heart
27 Stephen
English: Crown, wreath. In the Bible Stephen was the…
28 Douglas
Irish: Dark stranger; Scottish: From the dark river.…
29 Edward
Anglo-Saxon: Guardian; English: Wealthy guardian; Ge…
30 Larry
English: Abbreviation of Lawrence or Laurence often …
31 George
English: Farmer. In medieval legend St. George (the …
32 Terry
English: Abbreviation of Terrance and Terrell. Terry…
33 Randy
English: Diminutive of Randolph. House wolf: protect…
34 Dennis
English: Variant of Dionysius. Dionysius is the myth…
35 Keith
Irish: From the battlefield; Scottish: From the battleground
36 Mike
English: Abbreviation of Michael and Micah (who is like God)
37 Jerry
English: Abbreviation of names beginning with Jer- S…
38 Eric
English: Brave ruler
39 Patrick
Irish: Patrician, noble. Romans society was divided …
40 Bruce
English: Surname since medieval times. Now a common …
41 Frank
English: Free, a free man; French: Free, a free man
42 Peter
English: A rock. Peter the biblical fisherman and ap…
43 Craig
Scottish: Dwells at the crag
44 Ricky
English: Abbreviation of Richard. Powerful, strong ruler.
45 Steve
English: Abbreviation of Steven and Stephen often us…
46 Todd
English: Fox. Tod is a Scottish nickname meaning a c…
47 Roger
German: Renowned spearman; English: Renowned spearman
48 Raymond
French: Guards wisely; German: Form of Raymond (guar…
49 Jeff
English: Peaceful. Variant of Jeffrey.
50 Jeffery
English: Peaceful. Variant of Geoffrey in use since …

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