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Most Popular Baby Names of 1961

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Rank Name Meaning
76 Vicki
Latin: Variation of Victoria. Victory or victorius.
77 Carla
English: Manly; Spanish: Manly
78 Stephanie
French: Crowned in victory
79 Renee
French: Reborn
80 Darlene
English: Darling; Anglo-Saxon: Tenderly loved
81 Martha
Hebrew: Bitter
82 Judith
Hebrew: Praised
83 Gloria
84 Leslie
Celtic: From the gray fortress; Scottish: Dwells at …
85 Katherine
English: Pure. Used since third century A.D. Early L…
86 Shirley
English: From the white meadow
87 Betty
English: Variation of Elizabeth. My God is bountiful…
88 Peggy
89 Joan
Hebrew: Gift from God; English: Feminine of John
90 Anne
English: Favor, grace; French: Favor, grace; Hebrew: Prayer
91 Anita
Hebrew: Grace; Spanish: Grace
92 Jean
French: Variant of John.; Scottish: Scottish form of…
93 Kathryn
English: Variant of Katherine. Pure.
94 Gail
Hebrew: My father rejoices. Biblical: the name of Ki…
95 Melissa
Greek: Bee
96 Ruth
Hebrew: Friend
97 Ellen
English: Variant of Helen. Means Light or most beaut…
98 Regina
Spanish: Queen
99 Dorothy
Greek: Gift of God
100 Anna
Arthurian Legend: Arthur's sister; Native American: …

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