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Most Popular Baby Names of 1969

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Rank Name Meaning
51 Bryan
English: Popular variant of Brian; Celtic: Strong; A…
52 Terry
English: Abbreviation of Terrance and Terrell. Terry…
53 Bradley
English: Broad clearing in the wood
54 Tony
English: Highly praiseworthy. Abbreviation of Anthon…
55 Randy
English: Diminutive of Randolph. House wolf: protect…
56 Jose
Spanish: May God give increase
57 Russell
French: Reddish; Anglo-Saxon: Fox; English: Form of …
58 Corey
English: Hill hollow; Irish: From the round hill or …
59 Roger
German: Renowned spearman; English: Renowned spearman
60 Darren
English: Great. See also Darin.
61 Aaron
Hebrew: High mountain. Lofty or inspired. In the bib…
62 Carl
English: A man; German: Variant of Charles. A man.
63 Marc
French: Form of Mark
64 Samuel
Hebrew: Asked of God
65 Gerald
German: Rules by the spear; English: Rules by the spear
66 Chris
English: Abbreviation of Christopher and Christian
67 Jon
French: Variant of John or abbreviation of Jonathan …
68 Johnny
English: Variant of John or abbreviation of Jonathan…
69 Vincent
English: Conquering
70 Chad
English: Warring. Medieval given name. Abbreviation …
71 Lawrence
English: A modern English form of Laurence and the p…
72 Bruce
English: Surname since medieval times. Now a common …
73 Danny
Hebrew: God will judge
74 Phillip
English: Fond of horses. One of the biblical 12 apostles.
75 Wayne
English: Craftsman

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