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Most Popular Baby Names of 1979

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Rank Name Meaning
76 Marcus
Latin: War like
77 Craig
Scottish: Dwells at the crag
78 Frank
English: Free, a free man; French: Free, a free man
79 Antonio
Spanish: Spanish form of Anthony (beyond praise)
80 Derrick
English: Gifted ruler. From Theodoric.; German: Peop…
81 Jeremiah
Hebrew: Exalted of the Lord
82 Cory
English: Hill, hollow; Irish: From the round hill; S…
83 Philip
English: Fond of horses. Form of Phillip.; French: L…
84 Brent
English: From the steep hill; Celtic: Hilltop
85 Jerry
English: Abbreviation of names beginning with Jer- S…
86 Randy
English: Diminutive of Randolph. House wolf: protect…
87 Jeffery
English: Peaceful. Variant of Geoffrey in use since …
88 Jamie
Scottish: Variant of Jacob (supplanter); Hebrew: Supplanter
89 Wesley
English: From the west meadow
90 Gabriel
Hebrew: God's able-bodied one. Biblical Archangel Ga…
91 Curtis
French: Courteous; English: Courteous
92 Russell
French: Reddish; Anglo-Saxon: Fox; English: Form of …
93 Casey
Celtic: Brave; Irish: Alert, vigorous
94 Alexander
Greek: Protector of mankind
95 Nathaniel
Hebrew: God has given. One of the 12 biblical apostles.
96 Terry
English: Abbreviation of Terrance and Terrell. Terry…
97 Billy
English: Nickname for William (resolute protector) o…
98 Brett
Celtic: A Breton; English: Brit. A native of Brittan…
99 Troy
French: Curly haired; English: Troy derives from the…
100 Carl
English: A man; German: Variant of Charles. A man.

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