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Most Popular Baby Names of 1994

Here are the most popular names of 1994. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
51 Juan
Hebrew: Gift from God; Spanish: Form of John often u…
52 Cameron
Celtic: Crooked nose. Nickname of a Highland chiefta…
53 Travis
English: Crossing, crossroads; French: Crossing, crossroads
54 Taylor
English: Tailor. Surname.; French: A tailor
55 Jeffrey
English: Peaceful. Variant of Geoffrey. The three-sy…
56 Dustin
English: A fighter
57 Trevor
Irish: Prudent; Celtic: Wise
58 Luis
German: Famous fighter; Spanish: Form of Louis
59 Connor
Irish: Strong willed or wise. Hound-lover.
60 Caleb
Hebrew: Bold
61 Devin
Celtic: Poet; French: Divine, perfect
62 Evan
Celtic: Young fighter; Scottish: Right handed
63 Jared
Hebrew: Descending. A pre-flood biblical name.
64 Paul
English: Little. Biblical apostle and evangelist Pau…
65 Kenneth
English: Royal obligation. Good-looking. Fair.; Celt…
66 Bryan
English: Popular variant of Brian; Celtic: Strong; A…
67 Hunter
English: Hunter
68 Gabriel
Hebrew: God's able-bodied one. Biblical Archangel Ga…
69 Dakota
Native American: Friend, ally. Tribal name.
70 Logan
Scottish: Finnian's servant
71 Mitchell
Irish: Form of Michael (who is like God); English: F…
72 Carlos
French: Strong; Spanish: Manly
73 Corey
English: Hill hollow; Irish: From the round hill or …
74 Ian
Scottish: Gift from God. Form of John.; Hebrew: Gift…
75 Marcus
Latin: War like

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