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Most Popular Baby Names of 1994

Here are the most popular names of 1994. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
76 Gregory
English: On the watch. As the first of 16 Gregory po…
77 Derek
English: Gifted ruler. From Theodoric.; German: Gift…
78 Nathaniel
Hebrew: God has given. One of the 12 biblical apostles.
79 Scott
Scottish: Wanderer; English: From Scotland. A Gael. Surname.
80 Jesus
Hebrew: Abbreviation of Joshua, from the Hebrew name…
81 Blake
English: Black or white; Scottish: Dark, dark-haired…
82 Garrett
Anglo-Saxon: Strong spear; English: Variant of Garre…
83 Bradley
English: Broad clearing in the wood
84 Edward
Anglo-Saxon: Guardian; English: Wealthy guardian; Ge…
85 Dalton
English: From the farm in the dale
86 Shawn
English: From the shady grove; Irish: Variant of Joh…
87 Peter
English: A rock. Peter the biblical fisherman and ap…
88 Antonio
Spanish: Spanish form of Anthony (beyond praise)
89 Ethan
Hebrew: Strong
90 Seth
Hebrew: Anointed
91 Luke
Greek: From Lucanus
92 Shane
Hebrew: Gift from God; Irish: Variant of Shaun (from John)
93 Victor
Spanish: Victor
94 Miguel
Spanish: Spanish form of Michael (God like)
95 Lucas
English: Form of Luke. Light, illumination.
96 Tanner
English: Worker in leather
97 Spencer
English: Keeper of provisions
98 Adrian
English: From Adria (Adriatic sea region)
99 Erik
German: Variant of Eric (ever powerful)
100 Vincent
English: Conquering

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