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Most Popular Baby Names of 2009

Here are the most popular names of 2009. Click on any name to learn more about it, find similar names, or add it to your favorites.

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Rank Name Meaning
26 John
Hebrew: Jehovah has been gracious, has shown favor. …
27 Samuel
Hebrew: Asked of God
28 Tyler
English: Tile layer or a variant of Taylor. An Engli…
29 Dylan
Welsh: Man from the sea
30 Jonathan
Hebrew: Gift from God
31 Caleb
Hebrew: Bold
32 Nicholas
Unknown/Other: Variant of Nikolas
33 Gavin
Scottish: White hawk
34 Mason
English: Worker in stone. Surname.; French: Stone worker
35 Evan
Celtic: Young fighter; Scottish: Right handed
36 Landon
English: From the long hill
37 Angel
Spanish: Angel
38 Brandon
English: From the beacon hill
39 Lucas
English: Form of Luke. Light, illumination.
40 Isaac
Hebrew: Laughter. In the Bible the only son of Abrah…
41 Isaiah
Hebrew: God's helper
42 Jack
English: God has been gracious, has shown favor. Bas…
43 Jose
Spanish: May God give increase
44 Kevin
Celtic: Gentle; Irish: Handsome child. Name of a fam…
45 Jordan
Hebrew: Flowing down
46 Justin
Irish: Judicous; English: Just, upright, righteous. …
47 Brayden
English: Broad hillside; Irish: Broad hillside
48 Luke
Greek: From Lucanus
49 Liam
Irish: Form of William
50 Carter
English: Drives a cart

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