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Most Popular Baby Names of 2009

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Rank Name Meaning
76 Nathaniel
Hebrew: God has given. One of the 12 biblical apostles.
77 Brody
Irish: From the muddy place. Surname.; Scottish: Ref…
78 Jesus
Hebrew: Abbreviation of Joshua, from the Hebrew name…
79 Carlos
French: Strong; Spanish: Manly
80 Tristan
French: Tumult, outcry. From the Celtic name Tristan…
81 Dominic
Latin: Belonging to the Lord.
82 Cole
English: From the dark town. Abbreviation of Nichola…
83 Alex
English: Abbreviation of Alexander. Defender of man.
84 Cooper
English: Barrel maker
85 Ayden
Irish: Fiery. Alternate spelling of Aiden.
86 Carson
Scottish: Surname; English: Son of Carr
87 Josiah
Hebrew: Jehovah has healed. Biblical Josiah became k…
88 Levi
Hebrew: Joined. Third of Jacob's 12 sons. Became fat…
89 Blake
English: Black or white; Scottish: Dark, dark-haired…
90 Eli
Hebrew: Ascended or my God. The biblical high priest…
91 Hayden
English: From the hedged in valley
92 Bryan
English: Popular variant of Brian; Celtic: Strong; A…
93 Colton
English: From the dark town
94 Brian
Celtic: In use in England since the Middle Ages. Pos…
95 Eric
English: Brave ruler
96 Parker
English: Keeper of the forest, forest ranger.
97 Sean
Irish: Gift from God. Form of John from the French Jean.
98 Oliver
English: The olive tree. The biblical olive tree sym…
99 Miguel
Spanish: Spanish form of Michael (God like)
100 Kyle
Irish: A place name referring to the narrows, a wood…

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