The MomIndex is a new quarterly survey of American moms tracking quality of life, outlook, and how moms feel about themselves, their kids, relationships, money & the larger world. Take the quiz for your estimated MomIndex Score. Step 1 of 3
Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree Neutral Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree
1. I am happy with the way my life is turning out
2. My kids will have the skills and opportunities they need to reach their dreams
3. I have a strong marriage / relationship with my significant other
4. I'm able to balance the priorities in my life
5. Our family finances allow us to provide for our family's needs in the way that we want
6. I am satisfied with my ability to manage my household
7. Our family finances are on the right track
8. I have a strong sense of accomplishment in my life outside of my kids
9. I am satisfied with my physical appearance
10. I feel challenged and get to express my talents
11. I spend enough quality time with my kids each week
12. I lead a healthy lifestyle
13. I have a strong community / neighborhood that improves the quality of my life
14. I have a strong extended family that improves the quality of my life
15. I have friends I can count on