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What is one little thing that makes being a mom easier on a daily basis?

  My husband ! When the kids were small it was the best feeling when he walked through the door. He jumped right in and helped. One his days off he did a lot. Still does now our kids are grown.

Being consistent and a good dh.

Modern technology such as a dishwasher, washing machine, dryer.  Even the Internet helps connect with other moms, get recipes for what you happen to have on hand, etc.  

That one day you will be a grandmother and can exact your revenge by letting your grandchild/ren do anything or eat anything they want while at your house. And when they get a little older you can tell them all about their parent's antics when they were growing...and yes I am living that dream now with my grandchildren. (Insert evil laugh here.)
My friends! My sisters in motherhood share advice & laughs & support other, practically & emotionally, through the challenges of motherhood, big & small.

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Thank you mom

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