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Sara Lee

Most Popular CafeMom Resolutions

  • Make healthier food choices
  • Exercise more during the week
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Do something for myself
  • Stick to a budget
  • Learn something new

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CafeMoms New Year's Resolution Tips
  • buy more produce and fruit

    • Apr. 21 at 12:14 PM
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  • Less sugar, well just maybe a few cookies once a week or so but not every night!

    • Jan. 26 at 11:50 PM
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  • I would like to learn something new. I guess I am learning something new. I am trying to learn twitter and it is very confusing.

    • Jan. 26 at 9:34 AM
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  • I've wanted to learn to play some tunes on the piano for some time. This year I will!

    • Jan. 25 at 10:37 PM
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  • My goal is to try to buy on sale. If I don't need it now, I will put it away for later. Right now I need my face moisturizer and it's not on sale. Hopefully next week it will be and then from now on buy it on sale and put it in the cabinet.

    • Jan. 25 at 1:36 PM
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  • Start by aiming to keep and log all your receipts for a month. You have to make a budget before you can stick to one and you can only make a budget based on reality. So, for a month keep track of every penny in and out. That'll be your starting point

    • Jan. 25 at 2:11 AM
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  • Exercise first thing in the morning - even if you have to work. Too much gets in the way as the day goes on.

    • Jan. 24 at 11:10 PM
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  • Don't overwhelm yourself with learning too much right away. Make a list of what you want to learn, then rate them. Pick the top one and go for it! I'm going to learn how to play the bagpipes!

    • Jan. 24 at 10:50 PM
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  • i think it is hard to do stuff for myself because i got a son and a husband all our money goes toward them

    • Jan. 24 at 10:18 PM
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  • I start out my day with a small breakfast early in the morning, then continue to eat small meals every two to three hours. I stop eating about four hours before bed. I've lost six pounds so far!

    • Jan. 24 at 9:10 PM
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Make Healthier Food Choices

Tip From Sara Lee:

Choose healthier alternatives of the foods you love to eat. Enjoy this delicious sandwich on Sara Lee® Delightful™ the next time you’re looking for a quick and easy lunch.


Chicken Curry Salad Sandwich
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