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Giveaway: 'Feminist Baby' Book Prize Pack & $100 Visa Gift Card

April 13, 2017 at 1:39 PM - Comments (0)

feminist baby
Courtesy of Disney-Hyperion

Parents know that babies have a mind of their own. From the way that they communicate with their distinct cries or their choice of a first word -- "mama" or "dada" or whatever else they hear -- these tiny humans start crafting their unique personalities from day one. And CafeMom is celebrating one of the bravest babies out there. In honor of the release of Loryn Brantz's Feminist Baby, we've partnered with Disney-Hyperion to give away a book prize pack that will inspire your little one to be bold.  

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Giveaway: 'The Lego Batman Movie' Prize Pack & $100 Visa Gift Card

February 3, 2017 at 1:03 PM - Comments (142)

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

It's February, and winter isn't over yet. For several more weeks, many kids won't get a lot of outdoor time. And that means moms have to get creative in order to keep the little ones entertained. Well, CafeMom wants to help out. To celebrate the February 10 release of The Lego Batman Movie, we're giving away a movie prize pack that will provide some indoor fun for the entire family.   

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Giveaway: The Ultimate 'Sing' Movie Prize Pack & $200 Visa Gift Card

December 16, 2016 at 4:41 PM - Comments (129)

Courtesy of Illumination Entertainment

Kids are the biggest dreamers. As many moms can attest, it seems like their wants change at the drop of a hat. In one day, a kid could desire to be president, an astronaut, an actress, or even a singer -- all before bedtime. In the spirit of dreaming, CafeMom is celebrating the upcoming release of the animated film Sing. We're giving away a movie prize pack and a Visa gift card so that one family can enjoy watching a cast of quirky characters compete for a chance to follow their passions.

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