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Walk With Me
Posted by GFunkified on Aug. 7, 2014 at 3:35 PM

I always got excited when my baby would start to walk with support, cruising along the furniture or holding my hand. Sure, it made me walk a lot more slowly, but there's something about taking the time to let baby walk next to you, even if he stumbles every few steps and you have to pull him back up. 

The first year of a baby's life is, without a doubt, such an exciting time. Witnessing milestones from rolling over, to scooting across the floor, to crawling, to standing, and walking, every new skill is a cause for celebration. Even that transitional, tucked in between phase of walking while holding on to something, whether it's your first child or fifth, is thrilling.

After the baby had successfully pulled himself up to standing, I knew it wouldn't be long before he'd take his first steps....I was just waiting for it. He would stand and bounce a little first, like he was bopping to a song in his head. When he got the confidence, holding tight to the coffee table, he slowly put his foot out to the side and followed with the other, until he had reached the corner. With a soft crash, he landed on his bottom and played again with the toys on the floor.

Several episodes like that later, and he had figured out how to maneuver his little body all the way around the table. It was a very serious task for him, though, hardly looking up or smiling until he was done. But as you know, he was never really done. He would sit down and crawl to the next thing (the couch, or the musical play table) and walk his way around that.

Once he learned to do that, I loved to just walk outside with him, holding onto both of his hands while he walked along between my legs. Only, of course, until he decided he could walk all by himself.

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