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The Most Beautiful Sound-A First Laugh
Posted by GFunkified on Sep. 24, 2014 at 8:15 AM

I remember it clearly. My daughter was in her bouncy seat, where I had set her right outside of the bathroom door. As a new mom, you always look for the ways to get things done, like take a shower or brush your teeth. I had the bathroom door open, looking at my baby girl sitting in and strapped to her aquarium chair. I would sneak a smile to her every once in a while, because I knew that she was watching what I was doing. 

And then it happened. While I stood there, cooing at her and talking in that new-mom voice that we talk to our babies with, she did it. She laughed. It took me by surprise, of course, having never heard that magical, twinkle of angel wings sound before (you know what I'm talking about), and she did it again. And again. I ran to get the handheld video camera so I could capture that sweet, sweet sound to replay for her daddy after work, coming back to my baby girl and making an absolute fool of myself, probably with one mascara-d eye, laughing with her and making silly faces in the hopes that she would do it again for that camera's preservation.

Of course she did, and I made it that day's mission to hear that little giggle as many times as possible. And when her daddy got home, I replayed the video for her, and we both tried to make our baby laugh, because there is absolutely nothing more satisfying to a new mom and dad than succeeding in arousing a chuckle from your offspring. It almost becomes a competition to see who can make the baby laugh more (a fun competition with the best prize, of course).

As soon as it happens, you will never forget it: that sweet, magical sound of your baby's first laugh.

GFunkified About GFunkified: I am a stay at home wife and mom of four kids. I have a Master's in business, but that doesn't help figure out how to get my kids to keep their clothes on. I live in the Kansas countryside, and try my best to keep the chaos contained.