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Happy, Sad, Scared, and Mad
Posted by GFunkified on Oct. 1, 2014 at 11:55 AM

Let's face with a baby is a lot like living with a teenager. They whine when they're tired or hungry, they don't seem to understand or want to listen when you're trying to communicate with them, and the mood swings! Oh, the mood swings.

Just like teenagers, babies are emotional creatures.

How many times have you had your baby and gotten a visit from someone, like an uncle, or ran into someone on the street, or had a stranger stop you in the grocery store to make a comment about how cute she was, and had her burst into tears? And then five minutes later, when that person has passed by or left your house, she's all smiles and giggles again.

Or how many times a day is your baby playing with his favorite toy but can't quite get it to work, can't quite fit the shapes in the holes, and thrown them or started banging them on the floor?

Or how about when your baby is playing with the dog, and the dog gets up to walk away (and avoid any more ear tugs), startling the baby and causing a mess of fresh tears?

From one moment to the next, the same thing can easily cause a baby to laugh out loud, and then burst into sobs, and launch into an all-out temper tantrum. It's confusing, as a parent, to watch the scene play out sometimes and not have any idea what will happen next, or even what just happened.

There is no controlling a baby's range of emotions throughout the day. Just like a teenager, you have to try to anticipate the outbursts, calm the temper and the fears, nurture the joy, and soothe the sadness.....often several times in a 24 hour period.

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