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Discovering Her Sense of Humor
Posted by GFunkified on Oct. 8, 2014 at 3:34 PM

Oh, my sweet girl, so many things used to make you laugh. I can try all day to elicit a giggle or guffaw out of you, but now that you know what you think is funny, you don't give it up so easily.

I used to be able to make a silly face or surprise you with a funny noise and you would laugh and laugh and laugh. It was so easy to do! We would laugh together for several minutes, in our own little world together. Strangers had a tougher time, but daddy and grandma and your other favorite people could amuse you, too and it warmed our sleep-deprived hearts.

But then something funny happened. You, my sweet girl, discovered that not every little thing was funny to you. Mama sticking her tongue out? Not hilarious anymore. Daddy playing peekaboo with the blanket over his face? Sometimes funny, sometimes not. All of the sudden, the things that would make you laugh automatically began to give you pause. As if you were thinking "Hmm. Is this funny to me? This really doesn't seem so funny anymore. Why is she still doing that? I'm bored."  I could almost see those thoughts cross your face as I blew raspberries with my lips for the 7,546th time in your young life.

No, all of the sudden, YOU were the one "telling the jokes." You throwing your cup over the side of the high chair? That's so funny! Yanking on mama's hair? Hilarious! Pulling daddy's glasses off of his face? It makes you laugh hysterically!

It really was funny to see you take the reins, as it were, and start to show your personality. I waited months to see that personality come through in full force, and your new jokes showed me what kind of little girl you would grow up to be.

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