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Things That Go Boom!
Posted by GFunkified on Nov. 12, 2014 at 1:53 PM

Babies are noisy little creatures, aren't they? Between the laughing, the crying, the toys that make noise, and even sometimes the filling of their diapers, a house with a baby is rarely quiet. Even when my baby was sleeping, I would either be scrambling to do the chores that I hadn't been able to do while he was awake, or snoring on the couch myself.

So many baby toys make some kind of noise. A lot of them play a song or talk when a button is pushed, which teaches an important cause-and-effect lesson but doesn't allow for much imaginative play. Some, like little keyboards or xylophones, make a different sound or note for each key that is hit, allowing a baby to "play a song" with his own made-up melody.

Even objects around the house can be made into noisemakers. Pots, pans and bowls become drums, and different sizes or different utensils make a different sound when banged together. My baby is always drawn to the ones that make the loudest noises, and the belly laughs that result rival the banging spoons.

Babies quickly learn which objects will make the loudest boom. A pillow or cardboard box isn't any fun, but a table or a plastic wipes container makes an impressive sound when struck with a stick or palm. I often surround my baby with different (safe) objects and watch him gravitate towards the ones he knows will be the hardest on the ears (mine, at least).

Between the music my baby makes, the giggles and cheers that are caused by the "songs" he invents, and the groaning escaping my lips as I feel a headache coming on, my house is a cacophony of sounds.

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