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Laugh with Me
Posted by GFunkified on Nov. 12, 2014 at 1:53 PM

I never really dreamed of being a stand-up comedian (I'm far too introverted and shy) but having children has given me a new appreciation for the ability to make people laugh....even little ones that will laugh at almost anything.

I had never heard a sweeter sound than my babies laughing for the very first time. Have you? It was music to my ears. I was no longer laughing at my babies and desperately trying to get a reaction, but finally, I was laughing with my babies.

Every day is a new comedy routine when you have a captive audience.

Here are some of the things that make us laugh:

-the big squeal at the end of Pat-A-Cake when we throw the cake into the oven

-when I'm holding the baby and pretend to drop him, causing surprise and a little jolt

-each time I throw the baby into the air

-the big reveal during a rousing game of Peekaboo

-a visit from the Tickle Monster

-finding the dog's squeaky toy and discovering exactly how it works, then keeping it away from the poor pup that just wants to play catch

-putting the baby's pants on my head while I'm changing his diaper, then gently covering his face with them before putting them back on him and hiking them up to his chest

-when the baby gets a hold on one of his big sister's dolls and starts to chew on its toes (much to big sister's chagrin)

Becoming a new mother is hard work, and it's extremely tiring. Laughing with my baby, though, is one thing that made it easier to get through each long day and night, and for something that costs absolutely nothing (except maybe my dignity, depending on how far I am willing to go to entice a giggle), it is extremely rewarding.


GFunkified About GFunkified: I am a stay at home wife and mom of four kids. I have a Master's in business, but that doesn't help figure out how to get my kids to keep their clothes on. I live in the Kansas countryside, and try my best to keep the chaos contained.