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If You’re Happy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands
Posted by GFunkified on Aug. 7, 2014 at 12:48 PM

We sing a lot, you and I, don't we? Your bright blue eyes gaze at me as I sway to the music in my head and coming out of my mouth before I lay you down to sleep. Your smile brightens the whole room as I do another rousing rendition of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" after lunch. You never seem to care that I sometimes don't hit all the notes or that my tune is off-key or that I might forget the words.

When you learn something new, I can't help but cheer for you and praise you. An outsider might think that I go overboard, but my excitement for your growth and your new skills is very real and sometimes, a little overwhelming. When you learned to pick up a piece of cereal and put it into your mouth, it was as if you had just won the Super Bowl, the way I carried on. When you took your first step? Forget about it, you may as well have won an Oscar!

I often find myself clapping to the beat of the songs I sing, and clapping as I squeal for your new accomplishments. I am your personal cheerleader, your very own songstress. So it really shouldn't have been a surprise when you put those sweet chubby little hands together and clapped along with me. But it was, and I'm pretty sure the neighbors heard me clapping and cheering for you when you did it.

I will never stop cheering you on, my sweet baby. As you grow up and start to play sports, or perform a solo in the school program, or get an A on the test you will study days for, I will be in the front row, clapping as hard as I can. But for now, we can clap together, you and I, as we sing our songs and learn new things.

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