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Sleeping Through the Night?
Posted by christina f on Sep. 24, 2014 at 8:15 AM

There's something to be said for waking up every two or three hours to feed an infant. And that something is that it bites. It is one of the worst part of being a parent. I miss sleep. But after a while you just kind of mechanically do it. Baby cries, you get up, you feed and change baby, hopefully put the baby back to sleep, then put yourself back to sleep. It's all worth it in the end of course; don't get me wrong.

I had been in this continuous nighttime feeding schedule with my son for about three months. Then, a momentous event happened. He slept through the night. Okay, it wasn't really through the whole night. But, it was a blessed five hours straight of uninterrupted sleep.

I never set an alarm to get up and feed my son. He was my alarm clock. With just a whimper, I'd be up in a flash. So, when that day came that he didn't wake up until five hours after I had put him down, I was shocked. I remember turning around in bed looking at the clock and panicking a bit because it we were well into the night without a peep. It was pure shock to know that he was still sleeping. In fact, I rushed over to his crib thinking that maybe there was something wrong. Nope, nothing was wrong. Everything was more than all right! He was snuggled in tight sleeping like an angel.

This was such a big turning point for us. That extra sleep literally changed my life. We were finally able to recharge for a bit. 

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