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Hugs and More Hugs
Posted by christina f on Oct. 22, 2014 at 1:35 PM

When my son was first born, it seemed like I couldn't snuggle and hug him enough. I wondered if I was smothering him. Did he need his own baby space? But it seemed as if he was enjoying every second of it!

I remember looking at his face, and cataloging every inch of it to my memory. It seemed like he was doing the same thing to me as we laid together looking at one another.

Through out the first week, we spent lots of time doing this. I'd lay him on the bed in the morning and let him stretch out and coo, while I laid right down next to him and rubbed his tummy, kissed his head and smelled his sweet new baby smell. There's really nothing like new baby smell. It's a sweetness that could never be replicated. I was so lucky to have this time with him. We were bonding in the best way. And he knew it. 

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