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A Tale of Growly the Lion
Posted by christina f on Nov. 5, 2014 at 12:35 PM

It's funny. You get so many stuffed animals and infant toys when your baby is born, but you never know what is going to be your baby's favorite. For our son, it was a simple brown lion. The lion was no bigger than the length of a small banana, and he was fuzzy with little button eyes. He was simple toy, but to my son the lion was a best friend.

At about four months, he really started to play with this lion that we affectionately started to call Growly - partly because of the sounds my son made while playing with him. My son would wrestle Growly with his feet and hands - at the same time. He'd slobber all over him. He'd laugh and coo when Growly fell on his face, all the while his little legs kicking in excitement.

Growly started to come everywhere with us. We took him on long car rides, to the doctor's office, and on trips to the park. He was always within arms reach and had his own special pocket in the diaper bag. If he was that important to my son, Growly had to have top priority!  

My son was truly showing curiosity about new things and the sensations that came with it. He liked the feel of Growly's fur, and maybe even his scent. Perhaps he was even testing out a newfound sense of humor. He must have known that we would laugh every time he started wrestling the stuffed lion.  Regardless of what it was, my husband and I could not get enough of watching him roll around with Growly.

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