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Baby's First Holiday
Posted by christina f on Aug. 7, 2014 at 3:32 PM

Holidays are always a special time, but they seem even more memorable when you bring a baby into the mix.

My son was about four months old for his first Christmas, and during this time he was hitting a new milestone - exhibiting curiosity in new things and sensations - and my what a good time to start developing this trait. The shiny tinsel on the trees mesmerized him. He couldn't get enough of the twinkly Christmas lights. When we visited family in Colorado, we let him touch the wet snow. For a California born and bred boy, this was quite the treat. Aside from site and touch, he was also hearing the roar of family get-togethers and Christmas carols. I hoped he also smelled the glorious scent of my mom's fresh baked chocolate cookies, because who could resist that?

It was like we were seeing Christmas for the first time - discovering new things through the eyes of our baby. It was a magical experience that made that year's celebration even more special. I think it had the same affect on the rest of our family as well. We all slowed down a bit to realize what was really important in life - the presents, or the food, or the surprises, but the time that we were lucky enough to spend together. 

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