Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

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  • General Rules

    50 States. Visit other moms' pages and collect all 50 states! States where the most CafeMom members live are worth more points and are harder to find. You must finish collecting all 50 states before you can collect any state again.

    5 Regions. There are 5 regions with 10 states in each region: Central, Midwest, Northeast, South, and West. Earn bonus points for completing a region. The more levels you pass, the more bonus points you will earn for completing each region.

    3 Bonus Keys. Keep an eye out for special bonus keys. Collect 3 bonus keys to unlock the bonus game. Play the bonus game for a chance to add a prize state to your collection!

    10 Levels. Levels are based on the total number of points you have earned from collecting states and completing regions. Make it to Level 10 to be crowned a Road Trip Queen!

  • To Look for States/Bonus Keys

    Click the "Keep Looking" button at the bottom of your widget. You can also find other moms to visit by going to the Top Players tab.

  • To Claim a State/Bonus Key

    When visiting another mom, click the blue "claim" button beneath the item you would like to add to your collection. (If the claim button is grey, that means you cannot claim the item at this time.) To keep it fun, we've added a few requirements to successfully claim an item:

      Take turns. Claim up to one item per day, for each mom you visit. If you already claimed an item from a friend today, you will have to wait 24 hours before you can claim another item from the same friend. Try visiting someone new!

      First come, first served. If more than one member tries to claim the same item, the first mom to click "claim" will get it. Another item will replace it, so be sure to check and see if it's something you're looking for!

      One United States at a time. If you already have a state in your collection, like New York, you must finish collecting all 50 states before you can claim New York again. You will still earn bonus points for completing each of the 5 regions.

  • How do I play the Bonus Game?

    You can collect up to 3 bonus keys at a time. Collecting 3 bonus keys will unlock the bonus game. In the bonus game, you will have one chance to answer a multiple-choice question about United States trivia. Pick the correct answer to add a prize state to your collection! Answering the trivia question will clear all 3 of your bonus keys, regardless if you were right or wrong, so choose your answer carefully!

  • Getting to the Next Level

    Check your widget or the My Activity page to keep track of how many points you have until the next level. All players begin their virtual road trip in New York City. Every time you pass a level, the background of your widget will change to take you to a new destination on your road trip! Higher levels also award larger bonuses for completing regions. Make it to Level 10 to be crowned a Road Trip Queen!

  • What does my widget show?

      Looking For: This displays some of the items you're looking for, but go to the My Activity page to see a complete list of everything you need for your collection.

      Up for Grabs: This shows what items are available on your widget for other players to find. Since you can't claim an item from your own widget, feel free to help friends by letting them know what they can find on your page! You can also look at the Visitor Activity section of the My Activity page to see what moms are claiming from your widget.

  • Private Profiles

    Members with private profiles will still appear in lists for Top Players and Recently Added players. However, if you are unable to view their profile, you will not be able to claim any items from their page.

  • Oops - I accidentally deleted my widget!

    No problem, just add the widget back and it should pick up where you left off.

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