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The goal of save lids to save lives is to support the millions of people who have been impacted by breast cancer by raising awareness and funding to fight the disease. We are honoring breast cancer awareness month by gathering information from all over CafeMom to help you stay informed, get the support you need, and give support to others.

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No one person, community, or effort is alone in the fight against breast cancer.

For 14 years, Yoplait® has supported the fight against breast cancer, giving $34 million to the cause through all of its programs. Now, the Yoplait Save Lids to Save Lives® program is expanding with even more great brands.

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Join the millions of people who have worked together to help fight breast cancer
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Starting in September, more than 20 General Mills' brands will carry pink Save Lids to Save Lives® lids. For each pink lid received and each code redeemed online from select Yoplait products by June 30, 2013, General Mills will donate 10 cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, up to $2,500,000.*

*General Mills will donate 10 cents to Susan G. Komen for each lid received and also for each code entered by 6/30/2013. Maximum total donation of $2,500,00. We have already donated $500,000. We will donate up to an additional $2,000,000 based on lids submitted, codes entered and other consumer actions. Look for other ways to trigger donations at

Breast Cancer Awareness Group

The Breast Cancer Awareness Group is a support group for everyone affected by breast cancer. Share your story and let us know how you are helping to fight breast cancer.

  • Major...

    I found my own breast lump and had a mammogram on 07/14 and two days learned that I had cancer.  By the end of the week I learned that it was Triple Negative Breast Cancer,  August 1 I started five months of chemo which will be followed by surgery.  I will end up having a double mastectomy .  I lost my father to Alzheimer's three months back and have a mother who is in very bad health.  She is worried as are my husband and daughters.  Chemo has has not been horrible and for that I am thankful.  It was caught early and chemo is the best and most effective treatment for TNBC.  I plan to be a survivor!

    by MajorsTrouble on 1:14PM on Aug. 16
  • emmyg...

     My name is Angie-  I am also a breast cancer survivor. My diagnosis came out of the blue-no pain, no lumps. It was an annual mamogram that found it.  I had been going every year since I was 40 and at 46 it just happened. Turned out it was also in my lymph nodes-so I had a mastectomy, chemo, radiation, tamoxafin and femara.  Chemo took a toll on me physically.  I also have the neuropathy, weaker hair, chemo brain.  Not a day goes by that I dont worry it will come back.  If I get a headache I worry it is a brain tumor, a sore throat-throat cancer, a bruise is leukemia. I see a therapist specializing in cancer survivors now that is helping me.  I was diagnosed in 1999 and have been cancer free since 2000. 

    by emmygirl31 on 1:13AM on Feb. 18
  • teres...

    I'm Teresa 37 years old mother if 3, divorced and still single. I am currently fighting breast cancer I've had for almost a year in December. The scariest hardest year of my life, am so thankful to still be alive. I was at stage 4 Inflamatory Breast Cancer. I still have it no mastectomy will be done since it has spread to my bones. Originally had spread to my brain and spine but within a month or 2 my chemo with Gods help got rid of it for now, who's to say it won't come back, only God knows that. I have a head and chest port implanted so my infusion would be easier to take monthly. I went for so meta bone chemo today it was not bad at all, I just hope and pray not to get the nercrosis associated with the bone chemo zometa. Chemo/cancer suck we all know that, I'm just wondering why millions of women are suffering with this disease, now in the 21st century?? Jmo. Only God knows why. I just want it to go away!

    by teresaonline on 2:32AM on Oct. 18

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Yoplait® is a proud sponsor of the race series and invites you to join Team Yoplait on race day to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer outreach and research.

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